Pennant, State Events

Update 12 Nov 2021

Pennant Resumes Saturday 13th November

Pennant resumes tomorrow and the weather forecast is not favourable.

Managers can agree to call the game off at any time if conditions are not suitable to play. If the managers cannot
agree it is up to the umpire of the day to make the decision.

Clubs with an unplayable green should make every effort to obtain an alternate venue. If this happens, they must
notify their opponents.

If the Home Club does not have an accredited umpire available, then a visiting accredited umpire may be appointed to
officiate. Alternatively, if no accredited umpire is available, then an accredited measurer must be appointed umpire. If
we still need an umpire the home Club will appoint the most suitable player who is available.

If play is delayed or stoppages occur so that over 60 minutes of time is lost, then the game is ruled to be over and if
sufficient ends have not been played to determine a result, then the game will be classed as a draw and all points

If a bowls has been delivered the game counts as a game for player records. If the game does not start, the game is
not counted in a player’s record and all player names should be removed from the results and the score for each rink
recorded as 0 – 0

If a division has a majority of games abandoned without a result than all games in the Division will be treated as draws
and points will be shared.

San Remo (2) has withdrawn from Division 5 to create a bye. All teams in the Division have the same number of byes,
player names are not recorded, and no points are awarded. This applies in all Divisions where a bye occurs.

State Events

State Event Entries can be found on the Strzelecki Region website.

The State Over 60’s pairs have entries and close as follows:

Strzelecki North – Playing Dates: 22, 26, 29 Nov, 3 Dec Closes: Monday 15 Nov
Ladies – 5 entries: P Trewin, J Michaels, J Aubrey, M Kennon and D Hamilton
Men – 12 entries: D Smith, R Smith, M Sutcliffe, R Rejmer, K Gadsby, R Williams, D Currie, R Baker, K Lovett, D
McKeown, I Hilsley and P Mustoe

Strzelecki South – Playing Dates: 25, 29 Nov, 2 Dec Closes: Thursday 18 Nov
Ladies –2 entries: J Miller and R Dennis
Men –8 entries: R Burge, P Davis, B Henderson, R Gabb, S Edge. R Trotman, N Whitelaw, G Lewis

More entries needed in all events

PDF printable format: Strzelecki Update 12 Nov 2021